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You are about 3 months away from using your right index finger normally, and about one year away from it feeling fully normal IF YOU GET HELP FOR IT NOW. People intuitively believe that since a finger is small, it should heal quickly. They don't. If you had messed up your knee you might expect 3-5 months of recovery in order to bet back to normal, and probably up to 13 months to have have it feeling fully normal. Your middle finger (PIP) joint is just as complicated as your knee. Also, your trigger finger's middle knuckle will be remain enlarged after this. Maybe not a great deal, but permanently.

One of my pet peeves (can you tell?) is people getting an injured hand/finger and no responsible health care professional in primary care or the ER telling them that they need therapy. Instead a month or two or three go by and "Gee, you're still having trouble with that, huh?" Maybe we should think about sending you to therapy for that." Too late, Bubba.

Where I live and work I see people for hand injuries for my daily bread. Men will come in with a pretty severe injury on one hand, but I always look at the entire body. I will see a crooked or otherwise deformed finger on the other hand and ask about it. Guys will say, "Oh I broke that 3-4 years ago." Did they get any therapy for that? No. The reason that we have two thumbs, two hands and eight fingers is not just for spare parts so that we can just keep going. It's because we need them.

The index finger is our most dispensable digit. The thumb is the least dispensable. When people lose the index finger (aka pointer finger or trigger finger) in an accident, there is very little therapy involved since the middle finger takes over automatically. (Like when you have tape or glue on the tip of your index finger and need to pick up a toothpick, coin or other small object). You just do it with the middle finger. But don't ignore the index finger when it's hurt and expect that it's going to recover in a few weeks with no attention. It won't.

Especially in health care (which have you noticed is not getting cheaper?) it pays to be an informed consumer. You are now informed.

BTW, if affording therapy is an issue, you are not alone. Many people think they have adequate insurance only to find that a huge deductible needs to be met, or that therapy isn't covered. See a hand therapist (CHT) once if that is the case and tell him/her that cost is a concern. We run into this all the time. Even if you just get one session of good care, attention and advice you will have a better outcome.

Trust me. Why would I lie in a case where I won't make any money?

What, you expected to fire expert with your left hand on your first rip to the range? Get real. Go back to fundamentals and practice. You will always be able to perform well with your left hand after this.
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