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This is exactly why the classic forum ninja statement "if BG does such and such I'll just draw and drop him in his tracks" is so bothersome to me. You can be perfectly within your rights to defend yourself and the government can be perfectly within the law taking 112 days to decide that your defense is valid. And keeping you in jail while doing it.

The threat to your life, health and property is not over when the BG is neutralized. If you carry or if you keep a gun at home for defense you owe it to yourself to have a plan for what to do in the aftermath of a defense shooting. Identify a lawyer. Know how to get in touch. Know your state laws. Have money ready.

We spend hours at the range and thousands on guns and ammo, but how many of us have identified which attorney we'll call and how we'll pay for him?

The defendant here was an employee of the Federal Government and a former law enforcement officer. His record appears to have been squeaky clean. I suspect that a few thousand in cash would've either bought him a lawyer good enough to get this case tossed long before this disaster happened, or got him out on bail awaiting trial. The fact he had a public defender ( and if google is right, a REALLY bad one) is why he lost everything.
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