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I have alot of hunting tales. Alot of them may not mean alot to you but alot of them will be remembered from me forever. Alot of pigs I drive to a spot about 2 miles away because I can drive right up to it in my truck, never get out and overlooking a huge bottom land that you can see for about 3/4 of a mile. Ive made alot of shots about 50 yards to 300 yards. Took alot of pigs to town and gave them away to the hispanics hor food and when they get enough I shoot and let buzzards have them for 2-3 weeks. Yes some may exagerate distances or amount of game taken. I dont know you yourself may be one of those people for all I care. I dont have to, I probably shot more deer out my window than most shoot in a lifetime. The amount of shots I made and will make believe me if I miss, I miss and if I make good shots I do. All in all most are my stories without wittnesses. O well, my memories!
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