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You will improve both shooting and driving in a little time if you choose to work in it. Try some dry fire practice with the left hand.

I am a lefty shooter. Back in the day when I played football i spend most of the season with my left hand splinted up from either a broken thumb, or pinky finger. Once it was both. One year a newbie center gave a bad snap that broke my trigger finger. It was deer season too. I did still get my limit. It was not easy to take a shot, and it hurt like hadies to do so. Working the gear shift on an old Farmall tractor with a broken pinky, and thumb is not fun either.

With handguns I shot with grampa, and shot with my weak hand a lot. When I was in my early 20's I ended up with my left hand badly hurt. I moved my holster to SOB and with enough practice I was drawing, and shooting with my weak hand.

You have to do it enough that it becomes comfortable. It will not be comfortable for a while. Keep practicing.
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