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Pyrodex is bad!!

DSCN1229 (800x600) (640x480).jpgThis is a photo of my "NEW TTN SXS SHOTGUN" after it was returned from the factory gunsmith for warranty repairs. The shotgun came with very rough chambers and would not shuck fired BP hulls. The smith advised me that he did not load BP shotgun rounds but had a friend who did so that it could be tested before return shipping .
He was located in Illinois and I live in Louisiana. The gun was shipped via UPS and took 5 days to reach my home.
I was in complete shock when I opened the box.
EMF had me send it back and they sent me a new gun. The bluing around both chambers on the outside was even removed with several splotches.
He advised that his friend used Pyrodex rather than any real BP but insisted there was no difference. Just as many of you have. This is not rumor or something I heard but something that happened to me for "REAL".
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