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Guns of choice

Duelist 1954, I'm 65 years of age and have been shooting since the age of 10 when I received a single barrel 410 for my birthday.
I went into the Army in 1965-68 and had a lot of shooting different weapons.
I became a reserve deputy in 1973 and a full time one in 1977.
I went to several firearms schools and became a firearms instructor. The reason for this background information is to let you know that I did not just buy my first gun and have nothing but newbie information to give.
Your question and poll may be of some interesting facts to write a story about SASS but it bears no useful information for which gun a person should or should not use.
All people are different and I thank the good Lord for that.
What thrills you to death may not even turn my head and an opinion from others will bring you the Baskin Robbins 31 flavors answers.
I shoot the Frontier Cartridge class with full house loads of 2 F BP in my 44-40 USFA revolvers and Uberti 1873 Texas Brush Popper. I choose to shoot a TTn SXS hammered 12 ga. with 65 grain loads of 7 1/2 shot.
At most monthly matches I maybe the only one in this class or 1 of three.
It is my love and I shoot this way for the exact reason I joined SASS. To do it the same as was done in the 19th century from 1860 to 1898.
I will never finish first overall but I will always leave with a huge smile on my face.
To find your niche you should do as I did and that is to attend local matches for about 6 months and talk to the different shooters. Try shooting the different guns and see which ones makes you tingle.
Yes it's very easy to change classes but it becomes very expensive when you find that you have all the wrong guns for what you want to shoot.
Be yourself and have fun!! Take Care David
SASS Frontier Cartridge class, 100% BP Shooter,
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