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Just returned from a South Dakota buffalo hunt. Prior to going I contacted the guide and asked about bullets for both .300 Win Mag and the 45/70 to use on the hunt. I had TXS bullets for the .300 Win Mag and both the normal 405 grain hollow points that are available everywhere and 325 grain Hornady Leverevolution with the balsitic tip. The guide didn't really like any of the bullets. He said the TXS didn't expand as advertised and the 45/70bullets expanded on contact with the tough skin and didn't penetrate. I ended up buying some Garrett Hamerhead Hard Cast bullets that really did the job but are a little pricy. Hit the buffalo on the run and saw an obvious reaction to the hit but did not drop it. Found it standing in the bushes and finished it with one more shot. Great hunt, lot of fun, and I took my 9 year old grandson along for his first experience on a guided hunt. Have videos and pictures for the memories.
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