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I have a lot of mixed feelings with all these responses. I just want to heal up with whatever time it takes and use my dominant hand again. I know I'll pick back up where I left off. Just really anxious. Hope I'm above 85% back to normal. My failed horrendously with my left.

Another thing I've sadly decided...


I tried my right. Hurts like hell. Still freshly broken and not happening. Every jerk shifts the bone. Same with when I shift the gears in my stang. Same concept. If my life depended on it. I can. However it doesn't. So why would I prolong this injury and even risk further damage because I have too much pride to want to drive my awesome car and shoot with my ring finger. I know what's best for me there..

Left handed shooting. I'm horrible. See the pics.

As for not carrying. I can't. No lefty holsters..and can't even draw the sucker out with my left fast enough to be comfortable. Not remotely the same. So I'll pass on the idea of carrying for a while and risk being a liberal sheep for as long as I'm healed.

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