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First time out with my chrono

I didn't shoot it, so yeah I'm happy. I was getting a lot of extreme reading at first and by trial and error finally got up and going. I found most of my loads were close to what I thought they would be.

I had one load of 45acp down lower than I wanted and one set of 9mm plated push 1200 fps, yikes. Great shooting round and very accurate but my gun would eject the brass to the next county. I thought they may be a little warm but found they're just hot. Next batch will be about 3gr lighter and will see how they work for accuracy.

I shot about 400 round and other than checking my POA and POI for each gun everything else went over the chrono.

How often do ya'll use your chrono? Just for checking new loads or everytime out?

I guess I'm getting soft, rubbed a blister on the inside of my thumb.
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