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I guess I'm a rookie at telling hog hunting stories but here's the answers. 30 people total went, took 57 hogs. The property I was on had 8 of us hunting. Everybody in our group shot at least one. Out of the entire group, one guy got skunked. The only reason I used yardage was because I used my range finder, can't realy speak for everybody else. *Except as you say the guy that probably shouldn't even cary a gun shot the biggest hog and I personaly ranged from the hog to the blind 296 yards. The moon and planets must have been aligned just right that day. Don't get me wrong I had some luck on running shots but most of the guys spent a fortune throwing lead. As for over embelishing, i can only speak for myself. Not too sure of the guys who "dropped them at 500 yards running". I did range mine. So in the end I shot two with a 25-06, and our group of 8 shot 17 hogs. In the future I will use more detail when telling a hunting story, my appologies.
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