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i've shot many handguns before: makarov 1911, snub nose taurus 38 spl, 380 acp lorcin full metal, no polymer in it, glock 17, taurus pt809, baby eagle. i've owned none of these however.

after watching the vids, i realize that my pointing finger was just long enough to get to the trigger but not enough to completely pull it with ease and comfort and control. becuz of that, the kick was hitting my knuckle at the base of where my thumb comes out from the webbing. i rotated my hand some and move my middle finger to be my trigger finger and my pointing finger up nearer to the slide. it gives me a good bit more control, but it feels really really really awkward shooting this way. guess i'll just have to get used to it.

my other thing now is wanting to get a universal grip, i don't like how smooth and slippery this polymer grip is on the p95.
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