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Good humor , but high power shooters are a pretty gregarious lot and share techniques and recepies like brothers. Not only that, but the team matches at the regional and national levels are usually considered more important than the individual matches as far as prestige goes between state teams and military teams. Team members share their info and data with each other in order to win. Secrets don't count at that level.

If there was a secret that produced an extra X, it wouldn't remain a secret for long ... not in the HP rifle community anyway.
Very true.

Ask any competitive shooter his load and you will get the full data. Don't ask them how they did unless you want to spend an hour listening to a shot by shot boring as hell repetition of a 20 shot string.

Here is the secret: They share load data because that really won't hurt them or help you. They can give you their rifle, their load, their coat, their scope, everything, and they will still out shoot you.

For those of you that have nothing good to say about the LFCD how about posting some of your targets where the use of the die degraded the hell out of accuracy?
Why would I want to take the most perfect bullets ever made in the history of the human race and turn them into crap?

Early on I stopped using the Lee Factory Crimp die when I found the thing "coke-bottled" my 168 SMK's. I shot those bullets standing, and I cannot prove they made my score worse, or better!
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