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Nobody shooting centerfire rifles winning matches and setting records ever crimps a bullet. Tests with rail guns fired in free recoil with the best of everything used to load shoot the very best match bullets into the tiniest groups possible......ever crimps a case mouth.
Again, they key here is match bullets. Match bullets are not the same as the bullets we FCD user's use. If I wanted to pay $1-$2 a bullet, I would just buy factory loaded ammo that works well in my gun. We are talking about cheap plinking or midrange hunting bullets, out of off the shelf guns, not high end "best of everything"......

Facts are facts..... And this is a fact: people who use the lee FCD, love it. People who have tried it, claim it either helps a little or a lot. Few people claim it doesnt help at all, (and I have yet to see a report of it actualy hurting accuracy.)
Another interesting fact: People who have never tried the FCD, love to tell everyone else how terrible it is.... based solely on the fact that, as far as they know, top shooters shooting match bullets out of match rifles, dont use it
see anything wrong with that picture?

Your're doing something pretty attrocious with your hand/re-loading tools and/or processes that's masked by crimping in your bullets.
Again, what are are suggesting is pretty insulting, but even if thats the case, so what? A little group is a little group. My targets cant tell that I "ruined" my bullets with a FCD. I can get .5" 100 yard groups out of my $250 savage edge hunting rifle using polymer tip hunting bullets. just over an inch at 200.... I guess even though I am apparently a terrible reloader, this $15 hunk of metal fixes my ten thumbed attempts at reloading, and turns them into better than the factories can turn out.... Lee must be magic!
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