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Good humor , but high power shooters are a pretty gregarious lot and share techniques and recepies like brothers. Not only that, but the team matches at the regional and national levels are usually considered more important than the individual matches as far as prestige goes between state teams and military teams. Team members share their info and data with each other in order to win. Secrets don't count at that level.

If there was a secret that produced an extra X, it wouldn't remain a secret for long ... not in the HP rifle community anyway.


The fact that NM and long range rifles are not off the shelf rifles only strengthens the argument against crimping non-cannalured bullets. These rifles will shoot 10 shot groups well under the magic MOA at all ranges over the course. If there was an advantage to using the LFC die, these rifles would show it and pretty soon everyone would be using it to stay competetive. That hasn't happened and from my poor memory, the LFC die has been around many years now.

Like most topics, the truth usually lies between the extremes. As I noted earlier, many bullets are designed to be crimped, but I'm satisified with just neck tension on bullets not designed to be crimped and usully on cannalured bullets too in my bolt and semi-auto rifles.

The bottom line? Crimp 'em if you want. There's no law against it.
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