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A simplified way to set up a resizing die is find a case that will not chamber (range pick ups are perfect for this), turn the die down until it just kisses the shell holder with the ram fully up, lock the die in place lower the ram insert case and size it, measure the gap between the shell holder and sizing die with a feeler guage. This is how springy your press is, remove the resized case and try to chamber in your rifle, it will probable not allow the bolt to lock into place. You will probably have to adjust in several steps, I rotate the die 1/16" that's 1/16 of an inch (not 1/16 of a turn) repeat until the case chambers. Using this method your moving the case further in to the die less than .001" with each adjustment. This a precise method of setting up a sizing die, over simplified but non the less it does work and you will not over work your cases. One other tip do not mix headstamps, nor mix once twice and three times fired cases, keep the cases in lots, don't mix.. William
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