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Decades ago, military arsenals used to crimp .30-06 match ammo bullets in cases just like regular service rounds are made. 'Twas either Hatcher or Whelen that said they really shouldn't do that 'cause it hurts accuracy. So one arsenal ran a lot of match ammo with half the cases crimped with different amounts of case mouth curl and the other half had no crimp at all. Since then, all arsenal rifle match ammo's never been crimped. And the scores were better too.
These tests were not done with the Lee Factory Crimp Die were they? How many different degrees or amount of crimp were tested. Did they do as handloaders do and test these loads with varying amounts of crimp using the Lee Factory Crimp Die? Or did they just slap on a heavy crimp like Speer did and proceed to tout the evils of crimping?

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