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Seven years back I had a 1899 Holsman Horseless Carriage engine backfire on me while I was hand cranking the unit. As small as the engine is it has a 55 pound flywheel and I broke my right index finger and the one next to it in 7 places. Though I went into surgery and had metal pins installed the trigger finger did not heal straight and I have had to adapt while shooting. As the trigger is pulled the finger does not pull back straight but rather in a downward motion. Your x-ray shows your broken finger is straighter than mine is healed so in the long run you should be ok. Be sure to talk to a physical therapist right away so you get the correct exercises down pat immediately so that the muscles and tendons stretch properly after the bone heals so you will have 100% range of motion. I do not and can no longer make a tight fist with my right hand but still shoot really well. It's amazing how the human body and brain can adapt to damage.
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