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Even assuming the jacket is "deformed", it'll be deformed uniformly around the entire bullet, which will NOT change the center of gravity. Of course, if something is severely out of adjustment like in your picture, all bets are off.
I tend to agree with this. I don't see how a light crimp indentation from a FCD is substantially different than a factory cannelure.

I crimp my all of my rounds rifle and pistol, I find it allows the the powder to burn more evenly just what ever miliseconds before the bullet leaves the case therefore I have a more consistent FPS equals better accuracy/grouping and I use the LEE collet FCD.
When developing loads I rely on experiences posted at Sniper's Hide, and for the rounds that I load, those guys largely agree with the crimp procedure.

Overall though, I don't think there's ever a magic formula for any given load. It has to be tested to determine if a crimp is helpful or detrimental for your rifle and load's performance.

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