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Originally Posted by BlueTrain
But since it is all based on what are essentially games, I still wonder if it would hold up under real-life combat situations.
People have successfully utilized the techniques of Jeff Cooper, et al in real lethal encounters on countless occasions.

I've met quite a few people IRL who dismissed it as 'games', after a trip to the range and being put under the clock, they realized how slow they were. That in a real life 'fight', they had no prayer of prevailing.

Its kind of like saying UFC is a game because you can't gouge peoples eyes out, crush and twist their testicles, etc. Do you really want to fight them with no rules, do you think that will let you win? Being under the clock and competing lets you see how your speed and accuracy measures up to others, without getting killed.

I think of combat hand gunnery as a martial art, because it is. Buying a handgun and ammo, and reading a book, no more prepare you to fight with a handgun, than buying a sword and reading a book would prepare one to fight with a sword.
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