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I am planning to purchase (or convert) a SIG556 sbr. So, let me first & foremost, state that I AM GOING TO TAKE ALL THE NECESSARY STEPS WITH THE BATF. I've dealt with them before when getting a suppressor, so I am aware of what needs to be done.

I basically want to make sure that I am on the right track. Here is what I'm planning on.

*I want to purchase a P556 SWAT (pistol) and add the folding/collapsible stock that comes on the classic 556.

I have read multiple times that the ONLY way to achieve this is to buy another 556 and swap out the lower recievers. However, I called SIG yesterday and found out that they actually sell the desired stock for a mere $72.

Here is a picture of the stock I intend to purchase:

What I now need to know is what else will I need to do to add this stock to a P556 SWAT.

I plan on getting a special tool to remove the butt plate on the P556. Do I need to buy a buffer tube or a hinge? Is it really this simple?

Also, how am I supposed to know the complete length of the gun (for the FORM 1 BATF) before I have all the components?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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