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AS my father use to tell me, "long way from the heart"


This is one of the reasons I stress shooting (at least 60% of the time) shooting weak hand. ( Weak = 60%, Strong = 30%, two hand = 10%)

Back in '77 I got shot in my right hand (no I wont tell the story). Had the whole hand bandaged. I got to where I could draw (still carried my service revolver on my right side) with my left hand, kind of a weird reach around.

Sargent took me to the range to watch me draw, then sent me to "property" to get a left handed holster. Took a bit of practice but I got over it.

I got to where I could draw and shoot no problem, but had to go to the bank and do another signature card because they couldn't recognize my left handed signature.

I still have the Bianchi left handed breakfront holster for a 4 in. S&W if you need it.
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