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I went along on a bison hunt a few months back in Wyo.I was observing.Three hunters,three rifles.One was a 45-70 Sharps clone,one was a 416 RUM,and one was a 16 in bbl 7.62 Nato 308 .

The 45-70 was a good lung hit,but a touch aft,maybe.It wasn't falling immediately down,so a second round was fired.That did it.

The second one went right down from the 416 RUM(more on this later.)

The third bull,our shooter was not long back from the wars,and it seemed a double tap had become his style.Bap-bap,bull down,dead.Well hit.

Now,another bull goes and pushes around on the bull hit with the 416.This bull was well hit and dead,it just did not know it yet.It rose to its feet and staggered around a bit.Another 416 was sent .I saw the shock of the hit,a snort,and it was finished.

A buff just takes a little time to pass.Each was well hit with a fatal shot,each got a second to make it quicker.

I had a subscription to an excellent magazine,"Black Powder Cartridge News"
Each issue would have a historical buffalo hunting article.I recall one about a group of buffalo hunters getting caught by a blizzard in Kansas.Think about that one a while!No trees,no Motel 6,no Coleman Stove,no Wal Mart.Some died.They had to make sort of a soddy..I recomend the magazine.

Also Mike Venturino's book"Shooting Buffalo Rifles"

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