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Broke my trigger finger yesterday....

Well there you have trigger finger on my right hand. I always carry my Glock 21sf and now I'm unable to carry anything let alone use the gun range or drive my manual car, a mustang gt. My dominant hand is out of service for a month...

I may be heading out to the range now with a buddy to learn how to shoot lefty. That's all I can really do. Practice and I guess try and become ambidextrious. Regardless I'll never feel as comfortable as I do with my right.

I hope this thing heals ASAP and correctly and I don't need physical therapy.

Think the CZ-82 with good hollow points may have to be my main carry for this time being. I'm a .45acp guy...this feels weird.

Any other ideas out there? Anyone else been through this before? Share. Much love.
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