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Some folks use torque plates when boring/honing an engine block,some don't.Some folks use a torque wrench when tightening fasteners,some don't.
Some automotive machinists will tell you"I have been building motors for.... years and you don't need torque plates to bore a block and fit pistons."

I called Jack Rousch and talked to him.He has experience.

I started loading in the late 60's too.I had all the lools a 15 year old kid could afford,and I made ammo that shot real well.I can still make pretty good ammo with a Lee hand press,a dipper and a scale.OK,add some calipers and a chamfer tool.

I can "seat of the pants" just fine.I have that experience

I can also load higher quality,more consistent and repeatable ammo,more perfectly tuned to my rifle,easier and more efficiently with precision tools.I have years of experience doing that,too.

If what you do is good enough for you,fine!!Enjoy!!

Then ,why are you here?To be negative?

For most folks,this is a place to share knowledge and experience,grow,get better.

I'll be happy to read a write up on that gage.

On the bushing gage,because our man of experience says he has never used a gage,he has NO EXPERIENCE with the gage.
Because he has never used a gage, he says it will only check to see if ammo is SAAMI length,guess what!If you drop your fired brass,as it comes from your rifle,in the bushing gage,and measure over the bushing and your case head with calipers,,you will have a useful number.Set your die bump so that number is .002,or.004,or whatever you choose,for head clearance.

That same $25 dollar bushing ,if you drop your brass in it,tells you if your necks need trimming.

if you drop loaded rounds in it,it is a functional gage that tells you your ammo is good to go,or not.

I don't say you need the tool to load.But,if you cannot see the value of the tool,it just might mean you do not have enough experience,no matter how many years,to understand how it all works.

Stick around,keep your eyes and ears ,and mind open,you will find out what you don't know.That is a good thing.Then you can learn something.

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