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That isn't correct. Deadly force can be used in response to certain, listed crimes (which include both felonies or misdemeanors), provided you meet all the other criteria in the statute (see Aguila Blanca's post for an example).

However, the mere fact that it is a felony under Texas law isn't enough to justify deadly force. Otherwise, I'd be able to use deadly force to stop aggravated perjury, which would tend to make for an unworkable system of justice.

Totally justifiable use of lethal force in florida under two directions of defense.

One is that a reasonable person has reason to fear death or GBH from such a person committing such an aggravated and violent felony robbery that self defense would be justified...

Another avenue is that florida gives citizens the power to detain persons they personally witnessed committing certain violent felony crimes... of which, aggravated armed robbery (hammer is a lethal weapon as well as universal jewelry case key) is just one of many...

But simply stating the reason you used lethal force was because the robber had busted your glass fronts and took your wares is not so justifiable...

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