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-5mm Mag Rem M591 w/ 6x Leu (useful cause only rimifires are legal on the
local WMA most of the time for varmints)
-.223 Mk X mini mauser w/ Leu 6x
-22-250 Ruger 77V w/ vintage Weaver K12, largely retired, but it slew a
bunch of groundhogs when we had'em (coyotes eat'em all now!)

-a shotgun for me now is something to bust spring gobblers with. Bought myself a graduation present from college in 1980, a REm Wingmaster, and have hunted it for most all my shotgun use ever since. Have 2 -26" bbls for it, a FC and an IC, but for the past 15-20 years, it just wears the 20" rifle sighted bbl with the turkey tube year round.

I will likely only ever hunt whitetails, with an occasional hog maybe, and my rifles reflect same (one can always hope of course). I am a rifle fanatic, love to load, shoot, talk it, but hunt these primarily....

-.308 Win 88. w/ Bushnell 4x. This was an heirloom rifle from my Grandad and my only 'deer rifle" for a long time. As times got better, I retired it.
I've taken more deer w/ the M88 (riflle kills) than my other guns combined

-.270, Rem 700 ADL, synthetic, from Wally World, $333 new, with a Burris
USA-Full Field 3x9 currently. Replaced the M88, but I don't hunt it that much

-Ruger .44 carbine, tube model, w/ USA Redfield 2.75x. I've hunted this stubby brush rifle a bunch, and still like it. Its second on the kill list after the M88

-7.62 x39 Ruger 77-II, stainles w/ Leu 2x7 Bought this as my boys rifle and
grapple him for it often. Killed my biggest buck with this modest rifle.

-Mini 30, w/ Leu 1-4x, I missed w/ it this year, and will hunt it again next year

Honorable mention
-Dads Savage 110-243 w/ Leu 3x9
-savage Scout .308 w/ Leu 2.75 IER scope

But...I am a bow hunter for deer primarily. My bow and rig, a Matthews FX, 63 lbs, budget carbon arrows, and vintage Bear Razorheads. That combo went up about 50 trees this season. With a 100 day plus deer season, a fella gets to hunt a bit if he works at it some!!!!!!
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