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So Slamfire, if I posted some pics of some cases damaged by a severely out of adjustment bushing neck sizing die, would you post over and over again about how they should never be used or do you just have some kind of vendetta against the collet crimp dies?

Deforming the core of a bullet and deforming the jacket will change the center of gravity. As that bullet rotates, with a center of gravity now outside the center of rotation, this will add inaccuracy.
Even assuming the jacket is "deformed", it'll be deformed uniformly around the entire bullet, which will NOT change the center of gravity. Of course, if something is severely out of adjustment like in your picture, all bets are off.

No one, and I mean no one, who is a good competitive shooter, be it across the course, long range, bench rest, crimps their bullets. Period. I have been squadded with National Champs, I have friends who are national champs. No one crimps match bullets. If there was the slightest, tiniest tiny advantage, everyone would crimp.
And if we were all using the exact same rifles and the exact same bullets as them, I might agree with you. Personally, I don't pay $2+ per bullet and shoot it out of a custom gun with a custom chamber.
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