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"Posting questions that have been answered many times before."


I know that irritates many of the old-timers on this forum. But, I think we need to give those new posters some slack. -SL1

Agreed. I dislike questions that demonstrate a lack of effort to read manuals and such but some material just doesn't make sense to some folks for whatever reason. Some folks do better with visual instruction, others with verbal. I'm not here to try to figure that out, I just don't want folks getting hurt or guns getting damaged. You may think it's a stupid question but I can guarantee you if you'll ask it you won't be the only one to benefit from the exchange.
If you're afraid of being embarrassed PM me or someone else. If I don't know I'll find the answer or point you in the right direction, just like most other folks here.
Getting off-topic here but we're headed in a more positive direction, IMHO.
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