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Stuff like that use to happen to us at work all the time. When I was workin on the floor and the slaughter plant up in Iowa we would have to kill pigs that were hurt or just to mean and were hurting other hogs. We had this little thing that looked like a maglight flashlight but you put a .25 caliber blank in it and put it on the hogs forehead with an imaginary X between the ear and the eyes. A little pole came out about the size of a medium sized fore finger. If we missed once and someone seen us we were fired, USDA was always watching. Them things were already P.O'd so there was no way we could do it the first time. One of the USDA vets that we were all budies with came over when one was giving us hell and he was laughing his butt off. I think we had to shoot him like 5 times.
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