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The nightmare thing worries me the most. I had one just a week or so ago, the subject of which was a female, uh, friend for whom I care deeply, and someone was presenting a threat to her. In the dream the "perp" turned a corner and drew his weapon and I drew mine and dove to cover her. I swear to God, I felt his slugs burn me, one on the shoulder, one on the neck. The whole time I'm triggering the Sig... but it won't shoot. I woke in a cold sweat, on my side, arm outstretched with nothing but air in my hand. Crazy, huh? But it was the most realistic dream I've ever had. I think that the only reason my hand was empty was because in the nightmare I drew from the hip and the Sig was laying on the floor. It does give me pause, but such instances are very rare.
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