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Custer State park (South Dakota) auctions off buffalo every year to thin out the herd. Those suckers are wild.

A few years ago I decided to buy one, bring it home and turn it loose in my back pasture. Give it a couple days to settle down then hunt it with my Remington Rolling Block in 44-90 Sharps Bottle neck.

Didn't work that way. I got the sucker in my trailer and he wasn't happy. Pulled into the yard and wifey and granddaughter decide its hungry and throw some hey in the trailer. Sucker went balistic. Dern near tore my trailer apart.

I figured if I turned it loose, I'd be fixing fences for days. So I parked the trailer in my roping arena and called my neighbor taxadermy guy to tell me where to shoot it without ruining the cape for a mount.

He tells my forget the rifle, use a pistol and shoot him in the head. I did, friggin bullet bounced off. (150 gn cast SWC out of a 4 inch Model 28).

Now the sucker is really mad, I decide to get a rifle, neighbor (who is now laughing his butt off) says no, but to draw a line from the base of the horn to the the eye, then the base of the other horn to the other eye, hit it where the lines cross.

That worked, went down like it was pole axed. Took the tractor and held it up by the loader to gut, then put in the truck to haul to the processing plant.

Before I loaded it, I got a picture of the buffalo and my Remington so I could tell wild stories to the grandkids.

If you decide to hunt buffalo, use a rifle, '06 and bigger will work, 44-90, 45-70 would be fine but use a rifle.

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