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Ghosts of the past.

You are taking me back to my old Buckskinner days and back then, I was really into the books. There were many fur trapping companies that were all over the Rockies and even up into Canada. Hugh Glass was a hunter for one of these companies as well a Jim Bridger and a whole bunch of other fellas. Sadly my memory is going to pot but I still have some of my old books. Also, look for a book by Janice Holt Giles named The Great Adventure. I know for a fact, that there are a bunch of books on the subject. Also Google "The Buffalo Hunters. These were market hunters that almost wiped out the American Bison. There is a whole range of black powder cartridges use such as the 45/70, 45/90, 110 and bigger loads in the 45's as well as the 50's.

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