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can I add on a slightly un-related note that I like qualifying, and I wish more instructors for CCW courses were gung-ho about it?

I'm all for giving the nervous people a second chance, if they couldn't get most of their 10 shots in a pie plate at 10 yards.

I'm not for arming people who can't hit what they are aiming at.

I know it's a little ot, but it is mandatory training I'm all in favor of...make your 80 (Or whatever it is where you live) or shoot until you can.
Personally, I'm not satisfied with getting ten shots in a pie plate at ten yards, but I'm not going to make someone else do that.

How good do these people have to be? Bear in mind most people are not going to attempt to take out an attacker in a hostage situation across a crowded bank lobby. Most are probably comfortable with training themselves to shoot an attacker at arm's length at an ATM, and would never pull a gun in a situation beyond that.

Hell, some of these people may simply want the permit so that they can carry a knife or a Taser. IMO, they shouldn't even have to shoot.

And in any case, I don't see where this would have prevented the situation in the OP.
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