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Those were obviously WAY overcrimped, probably the reason they were pulled. When I pull my crimped .308 win bullets I cant even tell they have ever been loaded looking at them.

Match bullets..... Well, I guess if we all used match bullets, we wouldn't worry about crimping them....

But, since most of us dont use match bullets, I think things are probably different, based on the number of people who claim its increased their accuracy....

Basically, you just neatly proved my point from post 6. People that have used the FCD, like it, those who diss it, have not tried it

Is the FCD a crutch for poorly loaded bullets? Its insulting to even suggest, but even if it is, so what? I can get sub MOA groups by buying match bullets, or I can get the same groups with cheap bullets and a FCD.... The target doesnt know the difference, neither does anyone else but my wallet....
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