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There was a question posted on this forum about how to get a picture of a particular cartridge that was to scale. Apparently the individual was holding his case up to the picture in the reloading manual to check for trim length.

The problem was that the pistol calibers were to scale, but the rifle calibers were not. They were reduced to fit on the page.

Several posts suggested using calipers, but this wasn't well received.

Nevertheless, I suggested using a screen capture program on a drawing I found on another site and changing scale until the printed picture matched the SAAMI dimensions.

I still don't understand why he just didn't use calipers.

Sometimes, it appears the OP just wants validation for a course of action he has already decided on. This is not a learning environment, and I believe it is generally not appreciated by those of us who are volunteering our time to try to help newcomers.

IMO, patience is required by both parties. Patience by the new guy trying to learn how to do it, (when the instructions and manuals aren't clear), and also patience by the old-timer trying to figure out just what the heck the new guy is attempting. (And trying to hold his tongue and not ask, "Why are you trying to do this?")
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