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Originally Posted by Clifford L. Hughes View Post

Contact Lee and ask for the correct expander ball. They should send one free. If they don't send you one, send the dies back to Lee for a refund and purchase a set of RCBS dies. You won't be sorry.

Funny you should say that. I just got my first set of RCBS dies after starting with only Lee collet and seating dies and Redding body dies.

The RCBS neck sizer works well enough but my first thought with their seater is that somebody wondered how complicated they could make something that should be simple. Really? A lock nut and screwdriver to adjust the seating plug? What's wrong with a big knob?

Anyway, they're "good enough" for what they do but they ain't all that and more. I'd much rather have my Lee collet and Dead Length seater. Unfortunately it's not made for 270wsm.
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