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1. What would you do if you are the store owner/employee and you were armed??
2. What would you do if you were a customer and you were armed?
I would do absolutely nothing - not even if my states statues seemed to encourage such (questionably) heroic acts.
There isnt a thing in any of those cases worth shooting 1,2 or 3 people for, including the ideological concept of "protection of property".

In addition, it would be tactically foolish.
3 guys with hammers, in close quarters, are likely to beat you dead before they all bleed out.
Rest assured they'd being doing the math on whether you with one gun could really take all three of them - if one jumps they're all probably going to.

And I agree with Scott above - I carry for myself and to protect loved ones.
I'm not LE and will not act as if I am.

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