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Ebbsnflows, I do not think you fit into the category the original poster was concerned about.

I agree with you about the mass of conflicting information. I have come to the conclusion that reloading is a large set of equations with an even larger set of variables. I think the best we can do is to try to understand how/why each reloading book and information source arrived at the information they offer. How does this information relate to the exact bullet and firearm I am using? What tools can I use to understand the variables?

Without the capability to measure pressure, we are are working variables by trial and error (hopefully within published limits) to arrive at the best possible solution for our particular firearm. We can use chronos and visual examination of brass to try to understand what happens when we change a load variable.

Many people are searching for best possible accuracy and others are searching for the fastest load possible. With my firearms, those two are mutually exclusive. This introduces another variable about information from the internet. When someone offers information, do we know what was it based on? Is it being offered by someone who has developed dangerous reloading techniques? If we have or had a mentor to help us learn, does that person follow strict reloading techniques? I recently went through NRA's Reloading Instructor home validation (for existing NRA instructors). I like it. Every step is by the book and thorough. Exposure to that course will not answer all questions we face, but at least it makes sure we get all the steps right. We can safely work at those variables that make reloading and shooting fun.
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