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Was going to post rifle prices but Beagle333s post makes that a bit unnecessary. $1 a day is a lot of money when you don't have anything to spend it on. To earn that in a town and have rent food/drink and fuel to buy its not much. Assuming you want to head west "Fortune hunting" you could spend years at your day job saving the money.
1. horse $40, 2. Saddle bridal saddle bags blankets about $40 3 .Belt and holster $2-3, 4. Colt 45 $13 5. 1776 45-75 carbine $30-$35 6. 1 mule to carry food and ammo $25-$30 7. Ammo at least $10
In Britaiin 10 days wages before tax would not buy a very good car.

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