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Posts: 18 that all of the veterans have had a chance to's the perspective of a newbie reloader.

First off...I read. I read A LOT. I read books, I read manufacturers websites, I read internet forums...if it's printed, posted or published, I read it. Additionally, I'm a pretty meticulous guy in just about everything I do (both for work and hobby). So I try to do as I'm instructed for the sake of safety and self-preservation...but here's where the problem arises (that no one has addressed during the many rants of this post)...CONFLICTING information.

Everyone in this post has preached, "read, read and read some more". I agree long as you're reading the proper information and are able to sift through fact vs fiction/opinion. Unfortunately most newbies are unable to determine which is which. Hell...even the various manufactures website and manuals offer conflicting information. What is a max load in one book is a beginning load in another. Which one is gospel? And on the various forums, what one "Reloading expert of 30 years" says completely contradicts another expert that's been reloading for so long he "taught the chinese how make gunpowder". As a newb, with very little if any real, practical experience, how are we supposed to recognize factual data? Sure we could just wing it and learn from our mistakes...but I'd rather learn from someone elses. It's cheaper AND I get to end my day with all 10 fingers and both eyes intact.

So that's why newbies ask questions (that have probably been asked a million times before). To try and help sort the information into categories (fact/fiction) I've been very fortunate...while I have not posted on here very much (I usually just read), the few posts I have made resulted in honest, sincere feedback. I realize that some questions are just silly and absolutely BEG for a smart-a$$ answer...but I would hope that all of you think back to your early days in this hobby and try remember how confusing some of this stuff is. Will much of your advice go unheeded? Maybe...or some of it just may stick in someone's cerebral cortex just long enough to help prevent them from blowing their face off.
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