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"Posting questions that have been answered many times before."

I know that irritates many of the old-timers on this forum. But, I think we need to give those new posters some slack. The search functions on this and most other forums are not so great at narrowing down a list of posts based on a reasonable set of search criteria. Even when I know that I have seen a post here that I want to find again, I often get either "no matches found" or a very large number of irrelevant posts. So, I suspect that there are people asking questions here that have been aswered many times before even though they have already tried the search function here. I actually find some things on this forum better by using the Google search function of the entire Web and then looking through the results for "FLF" entries in the results.

Some day, I hope that Google and others will get back to the searches we used to use in the "old days" for databases that we used to build for private companies. Those allowed you to narrow the results in steps by using additional criteria to search only the list of results found with the previous set of criteria. Although it is supposed to be true that you could do the same thing by using boolean logic with "ands" and "ors" with all your criteria in one step, it has been my experience that the search programs were not actually accomplishing those instructions properly, and did not, in fact, return the proper results and ONLY the proper results.

So, until the programming catches-up with the need, I am willing to answer questions "one more time" for some poster who seems to really want to understand.

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