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Handgun Self defense Stance

I am wondering about 'best' stance for self defense with a handgun.

In the handgun classes I've taken (taught by the State Police pistol instructo) they teach the Weaver and Isosceles stance, incorporating the 'low ready" position.

I believe self defense distances to be very short, within 15 feet, probably less as inter-personal violence is often face to face, or grappling distance. With that in mind, Weaver and Isosceles puts your weapon two feet from your body and right in the bad guys chest. Now that your pistol is within inches of your attacker and your arms extended in front of you it gives the bad guy the opprotunity to slap your pistol/hands turning you off line or to disarm you. You are effectively handing your pistol to the attacker and giving the bad guy a long 'rudder' (your outstretched arms) to steer you with.

It seems to me that a better stance would be the old gun-slinger style. Pistol held at waist and close in to your body. Now you can protect your pistol / self with off hand and or body or even obscure your weapon. With a little practice you'll some find that the bullets go where you are looking or close to it without looking at your sights.

Why isn't this taught?
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