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As far as the basics, from my experience, people seem to be confused on the right to remain silent. The Supreme Court has stated that, "when Miranda warnings are properly given, a person wishing to invoke the right to remain silent must do so unambiguously."

By unambiguously, it means, according to my memory and from legal updates, that a person must state that they wish to remain silent and want to speak with a lawyer. Being silent, in and of itself isnt enough to invoke your right to remain silent. I know others say do not say anything to police, but you should at the very least state this.

True self defense situations are rare, but for the most part there is no reason not to identify who you are, or give your photo ID or drivers license, that you ARE the victim, and that otherwise you are invoking your right to remain silent until you speak with your lawyer.

Refusing to say anything at all may give you some issues in the long run.

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