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Let me know which place and I make the arrangements on Saturday. I'm open pretty much to either, but Saturday the 24th would be a bit easier for me to do. I'm going to be off line for a day or two, so I won't get back to this thread until maybe Tuesday.

Hunters has a 2000 fps/2000 ftlb limit, meaning you can shoot anything as long as its under either limit. Most centerfire rifles are out, but pistol calibers in a rifle are Ok. I shoot my Trappers in .44mag and .45LC there a lot.
The range isn't a nice as Pro, so bring along some padding like an old towel or something since the stands are bare plastic.

They allow:
The above mentioned center fires in a long arm.
Any pistol/handgun, unless it's one that violates the 2/2 rule like a .444marlin contender.
Any ammo, lead or FMJ and you are allowed to furnish your own.

Sporting Clays ROCK! I've only done it once, but I'd love to give it another go. let me know a time/date and place.

Food is a good thing! I enjoy MORE than my share of the stuff LOL!
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