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I live I central MS and we are pretty PRO firearms around here and there wasa case about 2 years ago in the neighborhood behind my old John where a home owner wok up to a man coming through a window an another breaking into his vehicle... He shot the man coming through the window, stepped out the front door as perp #2 was getting out of his vehicle and shot him also.... The outcome was when the police showed up they asked what happened and apprehended the 2 men... I never found out if either thieves died but the man was never charged and no guns were confiscated... We have a pretty legit castle law in my state and I have also been told personally by a LEO that if second I trying to force ably enter your home just step back wait for them to get in and drop them.. Quote " we don't mind cleaning up the mess" unquote was what is was told directly when I had someone kicking my apartment door one evening.... Again this is in what the rest of the country calls backward and hillbilly but the law around here really favors innocent people that defend what's thierS..
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