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The using a Kel-tec as a military rifle idea makes my belly giggle. I think we should give them to the Afghans. (Or the Syrian insurgents)

You know trying to read a map with my stupid pen light
Whats a map? Isn't that the software they use for the BFT? Why do you need a penlight for that? How do you "fold it".

I found the biggest problem with using the M4 effectively past 300 meters is the Army's lack of training.
Well in defense of my brethren there is no way that anyone with an AK will be able to hit you at that range so you are pretty safe (at least in Iraq you were). It is also just outside of the minimum danger range for a 500#er Me and a few dudes with rifle conducting Battle Drill#4/5 or.... the 500#er off the F-15 and everyone goes home with all their limbs intact.... not seeing the downside here....
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