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Any exp with the lead and copper remover fluids on the market today.. if so any that you recommend?
I moved on from Hoppe #9, it just didn't do the cleaning job for me.

If you are going to shoot lead, make sure all the copper is out of the bore before you start. Lots of good copper removers out there, most have ammonia in them. Don't use brass jags or brass brushes or you will get false positives.

For cleaning after shooting lead I first run a patch soaked with Ed's Red through the bore after shooting. I let it set overnight. If you don't want to make Ed's Red, Kroil is about the same stuff. Then I take a brass brush and unravel a couple of strands from a chore bore cleaner (get pure copper, not the copper coated) and wrap them around the brass brush. It cleans out any lead like you wouldn't believe. The Ed's Red wicks under any lead and softens carbon very well.

I don't tend to use plated. I can shoot jacketed cheaper. So I either shoot lead or jacketed.
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