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First, no typical bullet is "bad" for your bore. Cast is probably the easiest on your gun though. Followed by Plated.

I run cast in everything I reload. Though to be honest, I do run a fair bit of plated in 9 mm.
How much leading one gets is dependent on your situation. I can run cast bullet faster in .357 than I can plated. I haven't messed with the the slugging of the bore thing. Even w/ full steam 158 gr/2400 loads, it's really not that bad. If your worried, buy a Lewis Lead Remover in addition to the normal brush & solvent.

Typical plated bullets shouldn't be pushed faster than 1200 to 1300 FPS. Cast can go faster without any real issues. Plated will start shedding their coatings. This will adversely affect accuracy at the minimum. I suppose they could theoretically start leaving debris in the barrel (unlikely I know).
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