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I have had to spend considerably more time and elbow grease cleaning up after lead than after plated ...... I avoid it now.
Then you did one of two things:
1. You used a bullet that was not properly sized to your bore.
2. You pushed them too hard for the alloy.

That's all that matters.
Properly fitting the bullet to your barrel is FAR more important than any other factor. Secondary, is bullet hardness.

The "Hard Cast" bullets most manufacturers sell to reloaders as a magic pill that won't foul, are just a waste of antimony. Being extra hard can actually contribute to leading, because the bullet is so hard it fails to obturate.

Slug your bore, before using lead bullets.

If all of that sounds like too much trouble, you have two options:
1. Use jacketed bullets.
2. Use plated bullets. (But you're still stuck with lower velocities; often lower than you could push a properly fitted lead bullet.)
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