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I think reloading and how differen't people go about it , is pretty much a reflection of life in general . The new guys always know more than the old guys . I've been reloading for about 47 years and have had no mishap other than a sticky bolt now and then , and those were in my younger days . It doesn't surprise me when people ignore advice from a qualified source because people do that sort of thing everyday , everywhere . I have been making Maple Syrup for 50 years , and am hired as a consultant now and then by folks wanting to get into the business . Some of them will actually pay me for advice that they are going to ignore , and do what Joe Blow next door is doing . Never mind that Joe has only been making syrup for a year and has burnt his pans several times and has yet to make any edible syrup . Most of these people are well educated , and smart enough to know that they need some help to avoid the potential pitfalls of the beginning sugarmaker . Inevidebly I get calls from them that something has gone wrong can I hurry over and make things right . Well sometimes it takes many thousands of dollars to make things right again . I don't get upset , I just shake my head on the way to the bank . Now a set of pans for a decent sized evaporator is in the $15,00 to $20,000 range ! Why wouldn't they pay attention to what you are telling them , when so much is at stake ?
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